sigikid presents over 180 new spring arrivals for babies and kids

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Snugly beetles and cuddly caterpillars. Three new gifts series for babies. Fun monster cuddlers. Doll prams, learner bikes and tons of accessories. sigikid is getting a jump on the spring season with around 180 new arrivals.

The new baby programme features plenty of fun stripes. For example, in the three gift series centred around an adorable fox, a small, snugly goose and a delightful tiger. But stripes also play a starring role in the new play ideas in the “Natural Love” product line made from certified organically cultivated cotton.

With a beetle-themed musical toy, a bee rattle and a vibrating caterpillar, the new “In the Meadow” baby collection is simply perfect for awakening cuddly feelings of spring. It’s certain to excite little adventurers just like the new series, “crocodile friends”. This little crocodile and its wild pals, the bird and elephant, are the perfect companions for exciting games and awesome adventures!

Fun monster cuddlers

The new Monster-Sweetys – four offbeat playmates with googly eyes or an underbite, with eyestalks and a crazy grin – will turn any child’s bedroom into a fun zone. But there’s no need to fear these cuddly monsters – quite the contrary, in fact: These four cuddly pals are not only an absolutely peace-loving gang, they’re also totally adorable!

sigikid’s Toy World welcomes two new sturdy wooden doll prams that are ideal for little baby doll mums’ first outings with their darlings. One of the doll prams has a pink pattern and the other is solid pink; both feature cuddly cushions and a blanket along with sigkid’s signature design! Kids can ride into the warmer months of the year in style on the new wooden learner bikes, which also sport sigikid’s characteristic design. Whether a “Racing Crocodile” for boys or a “Flying Unicorn” for little girls, these robust two-wheelers are height adjustable and their tube-type tyres run on sturdy plastic rims.

Wildly wonderful hand puppets

The popular hand puppets in sigikid’s “My Little Theatre” series will receive some cuddly competition from some of their own this spring: the comical Sweety hand puppets with animal characters. The king is a cuddly frog, Punch is a snugly bear and the crocodile remains a crocodile, only cuddlier!
Accessory World also features plenty of great new ideas for spring. The mini backpack collection has been greatly expanded and now includes mini wheeled suitcases and neck pouches. With “Forest Grizzly” in a casual ranger look and the pink-coloured girl’s dream “Finky Pinky”, there will be two new collections of bags ready just in time for spring with products that grow right along with their little fans. Each line of products offers three different backpack sizes. But the dimensions aren’t the only thing that adapts to growing kids – the styles do, too! Water bottles and melamine cutting boards round off these extensive series.

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Welcome, little darling: New gift series for babies

The sigikid spring catalogue features three new gift series. Whether the sly Fudallo Fox, adorable Tiggery Tiger or delightful goose girl Gisella Goose, what unites all of these product lines is the fresh, casual striped look and the cheerful material mix: Some products combine striped cotton jersey with cotton terry, while others blend short and long-pile plush. Every line of products comprises seven cuddly soft items from small rattles and comforters to baby blankets. The new fox, tiger and goose musical toys are real eyecatchers. Their eyes close when they are in a sleeping position. Simply enchanting!

Natural Love: Naturally delightful!

The “Natural Love” baby programme is also expecting this spring, with
products made of certified organically cultivated cotton. Alongside four cute and cuddly characters in wool white with a red scarf that makes them easy to identify, the new catalogue also features a fun family of frogs comprising a total of five items, including a comforter, a stuffed animal and a rattle. Of course, the soft plush playmates in the Natural Love collection are filled with 100% lamb’s wool.

In the Meadow: Snugly beetles and cuddly caterpillars

There are all kinds of cute little animals in the new sigikid series for young explorers. From an activity frog with a variety of playful possibilities to a little bee rattle, from a beetle-themed musical toy to a vibrating caterpillar, there are so many great play ideas for little ones here.

Crocodile Friends

This crocodile and his cuddly friends promote your baby’s rapid mental and motor development right through early childhood. Even the littlest ones will enjoy the fun mobile and the colourful roly-poly bird toy. The birdhouse bag is home to a number of wild creatures and features so many other exquisite details that open up a world of playful possibilities. And when babies have
taken their first steps, the pull-along crocodile will motivate them to explore the world around them on their own two feet.


“I’m a big kid now!” toys

Pre-school aged kids don’t want to be little any more – but they still really need to cuddle and are fond of familiar rituals. That’s why the sigikid design team created small stuffed animals for kindergarten and magical musical toys for children aged 2 and up. Of course, these toys have different melodies than our baby musical toys. Familiar songs such as “Fuchs, du hast die Gans
gestohlen” (“Fox, You’ve Stolen the Goose”) or “Hänschen klein” (“Little Hans”, similar to Lightly Row” or “Warm Kitty”) will even appeal to big kids!

Delightfully offbeat: The monster cuddlers

Quirky cuddle pals: sigikid has once again created plush animals with an extraordinary design – the new Monster Sweetys. Googly eyes in different sizes or a big underbite, eyestalks and a crazy grin – these plush monsters are always in a good mood and are sure to put a smile on any kid’s face!

New, curvy Sweety stars

They’re round. And? These stuffed animals are curvy for a reason. So thickly padded and made from soft plush, you can’t help but squeeze them! Whether a dog, bunny, polar bear or brown bear, all four cuddly characters are available in two different sizes.

Raise the curtain for the new Sweety hand puppets!

Yes, Punch is here! And so are the magician and the policeman. It’s not just the attention to detail that makes these smoochably soft hand puppets so special, it’s also their wild personalities. The king is a cuddly frog, Punch is a snugly bear. And the crocodile? Is a crocodile! The cuddly new Sweetys collection theatre crew features a total of seven figures.

For little baby doll mums

An outing with a cuddly bear and a baby doll: The new wooden doll prams are simply delightful in typical sigikid fashion and are also very robust. They include cushions and a blanket made with fun cotton materials. The wooden wheels are covered in hard rubber, so they roll quietly even on hard surfaces. Available in two different colours. The design team created a friendly snuggle
bear with diapers to match the pram. Now little baby doll mums can try their hands at changing diapers.

“Make room, here I come!”

The sigikid spring programme features two new wooden learner bikes, one each for boys and girls aged 2 and up. The girl’s design features a little unicorn in pink. A sporty crocodile awaits little boys along with a fresh burst of green and blue. The cushioned seat can be adjusted to the child’s height. The handlebar grips with impact protection match the colours of the wheels. The tube-type tyres run on sturdy plastic rims.


Great two-in-one bags

These fabulous bags can adapt to virtually any situation. Kids can either wear them as a backpack or a casual shoulder bag. A tiger, sheep, bird and frog are the new protagonists on these handy two-in-ones. Their cheery and colourful designs will make any day at preschool that much brighter.

Cute, practical: The new mini wheeled suitcases

When two-year-olds take their first trip, they need luggage they can handle alone with ease. Like the impossibly cute mini suitcases on wheels – a new addition to the sigikid range of products. They are especially light but still have plenty of room for a stuffed animal and a toothbrush, a storybook and a change of clothes. 30 x 26 x 12 cm. Feet made of plastic. Available in four

The perfect place for pocket money

The new neck pouches and handy money purses are the perfect place to store pocket money. The neck pouch is available in four different designs to match the mini backpacks in the new autumn arrivals. The new money purses are shaped like animals and have a small plastic snap hook, making it easy to attach them to eyelets, hooks or a key chain. There are four wild designs available, from a cute kangaroo to a ravenous hippopotamus.

Forest Grizzly: For little adventurers

The huggable character in this series is willing to “bear” any load – in the truest sense of the word! Whether for a day on the hiking trail or a weekend trip, the new bag series for boys will spark a passion for adventure. Khaki and brown shades dominate the casual design. In addition to different shaped backpacks, the new line of accessories includes various shoulder bags, a
gym bag and a toilet bag made of rugged nylon fabric, water bottles and melamine cutting boards.

Finky Pinky: A Bird Comes A-flying!

Who’s tweeting so cheerfully? There’s a bird at the heart of the new Finky Pinky accessories collection. Light and dark pink make it clear: These bags are just for little ladies! Whether different shaped backpacks, shoulder bags, gym bags, toilet bags or neck pouches: The little light blue bird always tags along. Maybe he’s guarding the baggage? Made of rugged nylon.


Rock ‘n’ roll rabbits and vivacious poodle divas

The Spring 2016 Beasts catalogue has plenty of exciting new characters and accessories to discover for fans of cultish, cuddly Beasts.

2016 is the year of the monkey? Maybe, according do the Chinese zodiac calendar, but not in Beaststown!
Dogs certainly play a starring role among a total of ten new arrivals in spring 2016. Whether a
vivacious poodle diva, an easy-going, four-legged friend with a few extra pounds or an adventurous
mutt – these new characters are sure to bring a breath of fresh air to the city of cuddly Beasts.

The five adorable dog breeds pull out all the stops to win over the hearts of Beasts fans: Shiny Tiny
and Not My Day, Watson Batson and WauWauWau – and even Bells Angels boss, Viecher Riecher.
Wonder how the turf wars with the Waudileros will turn out? One thing’s for sure, though: These
new canine Beasts have what it takes to generate a true cult following.

Alongside this pack of dogs, the Beasts are welcoming yet another member to their family in
spring 2016: Mosquito Mama Malaria, a kind of Mother Courage for poor and abandoned critters in
Beatstown. Bunnies Soso Soduko and Rumpelfilz, who have little in common besides their long, floppy ears. One an introverted
intellectual, the other a cool rocker whose best years are behind him. The list of new arrivals wouldn’t be complete without cuddly
bear Lovely Lonely and two rodents, Butter Fatter the rat and the sweet little office mouse Lala Langweile.

For fans: Neck cushions and key fobs

This spring also welcomes a number of exciting fan items featuring Beasts. Like two snugly neck cushions for Beasts fans on the go. With two different characters to choose from – Bonsai Bear and Francois Firlefant – who would have thought neck support could be so much fun?

The new key fobs with dog and bear paws, Fake Drake’s duck feet or Pierre Bouillabaisse’s soft claws are absolute must-haves for every true cuddly Beast friend. The new catalogue features eight designs in all. These fun accessories are sure to play a “key role” in the lives of many Beasts fans for years to come.

The new Beasts hand puppets now let fans bring their favourite cuddly pals to life. The sigikid design team chose characters popular among die-hard Beasts fans, from Ach Goood to Metusa Leo. The design team created six different Beasts hand puppets.
The new Beasts characters, hand puppets and neck cushions will be available in stores starting April 2016; the key fobs will be available from May.


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