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sigikid presents a wide range of cuddly new products in this year’s autumn collection

sigikid has added three new characters to its cuddly baby gifts. The soft and cuddly series with toddler-friendly features is fully washable and appeals to both young mums and gift-buyers. Classic favourites Jappy Jump, Green Fips and Hilde Gilde are also returning to the collection in new colours.

It will be a colourful autumn for stuffed toys: sigikid’s colourful new Sweetys range appeals to modern, lifestyle-oriented mums and sets bright accents in children’s bedrooms. The new “Kuschlis” collection that sigikid is launching as a “classic” plush line takes a completely new approach. The heroes of this new sigikid line feature beautiful, natural shapes combined with high-quality, super soft plush.

sigikid also has two trendy new bag collections for children ages 4 and up – “Apfelherz” and “Arrows” – featuring a minimalist, figurative design that picks up on the “new simplicity” trend. These graphic series are dominated by shapes and colours and include a range of items from backpacks to cutting boards.


Jappy Jump: Hop into a new look
The new Jappy Jump features a trendy red and pink colour scheme and is a wonderful companion for little girls. The fluffy, baby-safe plush animal has a cute, fun horse face. There’s everything baby needs – from comforters and cuddle cushions to warm snugglers.


Green Fips: Classic meets stripes
This new series by sigikid for little boys (and girls) features a trendy mix of colours in the latest fashion hues – grass green, olive and sunset orange. The huggable Fips is a classic dog and will fascinate its young owner with different shapes and features. Just what you’d expect from sigikid.


Hilde Gilde: Pretty knitted look for girls
sigikid is excited to finally welcome a girl to the Baby Bear family – Hilde Gilde. The little girl bear made of cuddly soft baby fleece has a body made of knitted cotton to make it extra special. Her pink bow makes her the most ladylike bear in the nursery. The new collection includes a range of items so that mums can put together a beautiful set for their little girl.


Time for cuddly and colourful toys
sigikid’s colourful new range of cuddly toys features yellow bears, blue elephants and turquoise hippos. All colourful Sweetys are wonderfully soft. The new double plush makes them cuddly both inside and out for an especially pleasant feel. The colours were selected by sigikid designers in line with the latest trends. Every animal is given a “typical” colour – bright but suiting the animal. The fun designs are just waiting to be snuggled and cuddled. The trendy colours of the new sigikid Sweetys add a pop of colour to every child’s bedroom and will be eagerly awaited by big and little kids alike.


Wonderfully snugly: Kuschlis by sigikid
Introducing sigikid’s new classic stuffed toy collection: the Kuschlis. This new collection features warm colours, super soft, fluffy plush and classic designs. sigikid’s designers drew their inspiration from the classic designs that have always made sigikid stuffed toys so unique – simple, kid-friendly animals, big eyes and soft shapes. The stuffed toys are designed as a companion wherever the child goes – from a bedtime friend to a playmate on long car trips. The Kuschlis collection will be launched together with a selection of bears this autumn.



Trend-setting Arrows and Apple Hearts for kindergarten
sigikid is launching two new bag collections this autumn. For the first time, the focus is on trendy patterns instead of figures. sigikid’s Apfelherz (“Apple Heart”) theme for girls is a nod to the 70s-style macro pattern trend. With its bright red combined with green and orange themes, the series appeals to both young children and little girls. The collection includes a range of bags and accessories for on the go – from backpacks and lunch boxes to travel toilet bags. A wonderful theme for autumn. Arrows is the trend-setting line for boys this autumn. The design plays with different arrows to create an interesting pattern. Although the basic colour of the series is deep blue, the design features a flash of bright green in the arrows. A trendy collection for boys with a range of accessories.


Dinnertime stories
sigikid is launching a new melamine tableware line for autumn. The new collection is divided into four themes for girls and four for boys with a new design that transforms the latest tableware trends into kid-friendly pieces. The cups and bowls feature a new two-tone melamine look, making them attractive from every angle. sigikid designed the tableware to be not too “babyish” so that children can enjoy them for longer. All items are dishwasher safe, making the collection perfect for everyday use.

The sigikid brand

sigikid makes kids’ dreams come true – both big and small. We are a family enterprise that has been around for over 47 years – and many sigikid fans who grew up with our toys are now passing on this love for our cuddly products to their own children. Child-friendly, high-quality design – that’s what sigikid stands for. The designer team at our Mistelbach location near Bayreuth, Germany creates hundreds of new products every year – and every single sigikid creation, no matter how small, is made with the utmost attention to detail.



We’ll gladly send you high-resolution product photos, detailed product information and, in some cases, even samples for your own photo productions!


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