Welcome to Beaststown!

Beaststown is a pretty crazy place inhabited by a group of creatures who are different, offbeat and in some cases downright strange – they aren’t your typical stuffed animals! sigikid is once again presenting a number of quirky yet heartwarming new members of this amazing city and design collection
created ten years ago.
More than ten new members are moving into this chaotic town run by mayor Bonsai Bear – from the outlandish hairdresser lion “Brave Hair” and the daredevil electrician “Power Tower” to the eccentric elephant “Nerdy Nerd”. Their character traits may resemble those of people you know, but they all have their own charm.
The Ach Gooood family is also growing, and all the friends of the unusual plush hero “Ach Gooood” will be excited to meet the new members that make this family even more interesting and fun to collect. Like before, the new Beasts come in two sizes so you can always take an “Ach Goooood”
with you wherever you go.
And, like the mayor of Beaststown writes in his annual address:
Beaststown is more than a city. It is home to the most unusual yet loveable residents you will find anywhere – the Beasts. By the way, any Beasts who would like to live here can contact our city government and submit an application for naturalization. We warmly welcome all quirky, strange, stranded and crazy individuals. After all, we only have this one world and we are all Beasts in one way or another!




Brave Hair

The star among stylists in BeastsTown. His speciality is his signature blow-dried, wavy do that stands up to any weather. Many a Beast has discovered their new personality in his salon – his most famous creation is still his “Fall-Out Flush-Cut” that Mopp Toddel wears.




She’s always there whenever something goes wrong. If the stack of tuna tins gets knocked over in the supermarket, the kitty opera goes down the drain or the expensive bonsai tree used as a scratching post dries up, one thing is certain – this cat had her paws in it!




Hairy Queeny (rewashed)

She’s back! After her last action film “Sheepmator 7” became a blockbuster she took a creative break and disappeared into the underground. But now she’s back – with a new outfit, style and of course her rewashed hairdo by star stylist “Brave Hair”.




Is was frog?

He lives in the BeastsTown underground. The secret service has tried multiple times to shut down his website beaststownpedia.bom. But Is Was Frog was always a leap ahead of them, moving from pond to pond – now he’s working on his memoirs: “99 flies with the flick of the tongue”.





This little orang-utan is a loner. Rejected by his adoptive family – a herd of crazed macaques – he’s a self-made monkey who now belongs to the up-and-coming young generation in BeastsTown with his successful website beastbooblebook.bom. So it’s no surprise that most Beasts only know him by his nickname “Brother Big”.





His family originates from the last ice age. And his humour is ancient, too. When he tells a joke, everyone grits their teeth … Two buffaloes are standing at a waterhole. One says to the other: “Chilly, isn’t it?” the other one: “Yeah, the crocodiles were here already.” Or: Two monkeys are in the shower. One says to the other: “Ooah oogah hooaa,” the other one: “Then make it colder.”




Nerdy Nerd

He already stood out in the school yard back then with his briefcase. Today – many years later – Nerdy Nerd is still an awkward type who is arrogant, talkative and downright annoying. But underneath his thick skin is a gentle soul.




Power Tower

An expert electrician by trade, Power Tower has solved all kinds of electrical problems in BeastsTown. He gets the lights back on and makes sure the kitchen has power again so the soup doesn’t go cold. And during the great blackout of ‘72 he was the only one to keep his head up.




Sminky Pinky

Absolutely the sweetest of all. Sminky Pinky is a fragile little diva who belongs to the high society of BeastsTown, but she’s a very sly feline. Rumour has it she had a fling with hard rocker Hase Rumpelfilz in the dressing room after his legendary concert.




Tweet Feed

A member of the Beast Valley Digital Community. Unfortunately Tweed Feet hasn’t had much success yet in getting other Beasts to use his messaging app “TweedFeetBeat”. How could they? You can’t install his app because it’s not available for download right now. No problem says Tweed Feet – just some minor bugs in the new software that should be fixed by the time version 3456.8 comes out …






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