50 Years of Cuddling

This year, sigikid is celebrating 50 years of cuddling (1968-2018) and is once again displaying more than 200 new toys in this anniversary year at the Nuremberg “Spielwarenmesse” International Toy Fair – from baby toys to cuddly toys for adults.

Cuddling has always been a central point of the family enterprise from Upper Franconia. “We want our cuddly toys to make the world a little softer and a little better”, says owner Axel Gottstein. Soft, cuddly toys promote the child’s so-called “soft skills”, which are becoming increasingly important in today’s technological world. sigikid has committed to this idea and therefore not only is the highest level of safety at the centre of product development, but also the plush softness of the products. Although today’s collection is rounded off with lunch boxes and umbrellas, it’s still the cuddly animals with their endearing names that make sigikid as popular today as it has been for the last 50 years.

Sigikid – my first great love

What’s Simple is Ingenious

sigikid is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a small collection of selected baby products. This loving collection is distinguished by a combination of designs from 1968 – when the company started – and modern materials. A small dog for boys and a small hare for girls, presented on a 50th birthday card, are the cuddly stars of this Special Edition, which is sold commercially under the name “sigikid signature”.

Baby toys as a product concept have always been a central point in the Upper Franconian traditional company. It is particularly important for small children to play with high-quality, well-thought-out toys.  ‘Every child has the right to good children’s design’ is a slogan of the popular children’s brand and for good reason. The Signature Collection for sigikid’s 50th Birthday has this thought at its centre.

Do-it-yourself in the Baby’s Room

This year, sigikid is introducing an innovative baby playing system at the Spielwarenmesse. With “sigimix”, parents can now put together mobiles, pram chains or toy bars and create unique playing possibilities for your baby from various pendant sets such as forest, summer meadow etc… The toy elements are simply attached to the base with a button and can, of course, also be combined and replaced with pendants from other sets. Therefore the baby is always presented with a new, exciting playing environment and is guaranteed to not get bored. Naturally, all the elements are soft and washable.

Cuddle Theatre for Babies

With the new comforter glove puppet, sigikid presents the combination of two playing concepts for small children: the popular comforter – an essential companion for sleeping and comforting – and a glove puppet. So before falling asleep, parents can tell a goodnight story and perhaps use the puppet to tell the story. Then the cuddly companion can join the baby in the cot and ensure sweet dreams. A cuddly innovation from sigikid – of course, easy to care for and washable.

Encouraging the Senses for Soft Skills

sigikid is also presenting an innovative playing pillow at the Spielwarenmesse this year. This cushion allows babies to have their first playing experience before crawling. The cushion is in a semi-circular shape so that it perfectly fits a lying down baby. Thanks to the slanted, padded shape, small children can easily grab and recognise the various toys in a crawling position. In other words, the senses are both supported and fostered and the baby is encouraged to crawl. sigikid presents the activity cushion in the “PlayQ” collection which uses play to encourage the senses, motor function and cognition.

PlayQ – because we play – and learn – for life.

Rock Stars for Babies

The Papa&Me baby range was launched last year with great success and is specifically aimed at fathers. Cool baby products depict entirely new themes that don’t just appeal to men. This year, sigikid is presenting the “Rock Stars” collection, which is centred on the theme of music. From the Boom Box musical pull toy to a good old record as a comforter – a whole series of funny musical instruments will inspire small music fans. There’s even an electric guitar mobile. The collection is rounded off by three crazy but cosy rock stars.

Music was my first love.

Dolls to Fall in Love With

The sigikid doll is back! After four years, sigikid presents a lovable puppet with a finely modelled vinyl head. Pallimchen, aimed at little girls, and of course boys, was designed with the doll designer Nane Roskothen. Pallimchen are little dolls which, like apples, grow on a tree and are plucked when old enough. Every Pallimchen therefore comes in a matching cloth pouch. Children can play out their everyday experiences in life with these dolls and, above all, play a role-playing game.

In conjunction with Nane Roskothen, sigikid also presents a new baby doll and small cuddly dolls designed specifically for your baby.

Where Should I Put My Glasses at Night…?

Have you never been annoyed when you can’t find your glasses right away in the morning? Or you find them lying on the floor? So here is an innovation – and not only for children’s glasses: Both cuddly toys wear your glasses when you’re in bed. The loops will safely hold the glasses which give the cuddly toy a very special and individual look. So the glasses are not just kept safe, but children have a fun decoration item standing by their bed which can snuggle down in bed too, when it’s not wearing glasses.

Cuddly Messages

“Never let you go” or “Always in your arms”, these are the names with meaningful messages of the stars of sigikid’s new cuddly toy collection, the “Sweet Beasts”. They are a mix of lovable and yet slightly odd characters that appeal to both children and adults. The idea that cuddling is an important feeling for all people is the meaningful message. After all, if you’re cuddling, you aren’t hating. The new Sweet Beasts from sigikid should also appeal to children who just don’t find a classic cuddly toy cool any more.

In particular, the small “Togetherness Cuddly Toys” are ideal gifts and companions for all those who always wanted to say “Together Forever”.

Cuddling – the most important feeling in the world!

You’re Never too Old to Cuddle!

Cuddly animals for adults – sigikid has been pursuing this idea for 19 years. Since then, bizarre but also lovable companions such as Rabbit Rumpelfilz or Mop Toddel have populated the cuddly toy shelves. Every year, Beaststown – the home of the unusual, cuddly toys – has got new residents. The crazy ostrich “HeadUp”, the glutinous crocodile “Taste the Tropics” and the two fat pigeons “Auf der Mauer” and “Auf der Lauer” are the latest bunch of extravagant new residents to have moved in. It’s not just their material and design that are unusual, but their story too. And so they speak to the taste of an urban fan base that loves something special. For more information, see www.beaststown.com

Cuddly animals that are as crazy as life itself!


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