Baby World

Everything for babies

The birth of a baby is not only a special event for parents, but also for grandparents, godparents and friends. They all want to welcome the new arrival – and this is where sigikid comes in with loving baby gifts!

From comforters, to musical pull toys to touch toys or rattles, our enchanting range offers very special gift ideas for the first months of life.
Whether Elephant or Hare, Lolo Lombardo or Semmel Bunny – there is
a childhood companion for every young boy or girl.

Baby gifts

A magical range of gifts and wonderful baby gifts to give
and add to a collection, as a gift for birth or christening.


Our all-rounder for babies – indispensable for hugging,
comforting and cuddling. Comforters often accompany
small children over many years and are the most popular gifts at birth.

Baby musical

Pull toys

Music for the little ones. With their soft sounds, our musical pull toys accompany babies while sleeping – reassuring, comforting
and relaxing for a restful night. The faithful friends are
also loving figures through the first years of life.

Red Stars

Touch toys

A wide range of funny characters in cheerful colours and patterns.
With exciting rattling, crackling or squeaking sounds, the small
exploring hands are guaranteed to have a lot of fun.


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