Company values

The company behind the brand

Every company is founded on the basis of specific pillars that influence its management and the way it works together with employees and customers. We are shaped by the following values:

We are family

Our employees are the most important factor in our success.

We want everyone in our company to be a member of the family, to share our enthusiasm, our philosophy and our vision of the future. We want to provide our employees with a pleasant working environment, where they feel comfortable and have the freedom to see their talents and opportunities truly unfold. We pursue an open-door policy and an open culture of communication.

We are responsible

Think globally and sustainably, act consciously

Our understanding of production comprises more than just bringing materials, sewing thread and stuffing together. It takes over 180 employees in Germany to bring a sigikid product to your home – in creative design, pattern design, sample making, procurement, warehouse management, accounting and sales. All of our products are:

Brain-made in Germany, manufactured with love throughout the world.

We manufacture our products worldwide. We are committed to conserving resources. We engage in long-term partnerships to achieve these aims. sigikid items (materials, components, etc.) are currently produced in the following countries: Germany, Romania, Moldavia, India and China. sigikid sees itself as a company in a global context. Some of our production plants are located in countries in which the majority of the population has a standard of living well below that of our Western world. Our production orders secure the income of many families in these countries, and with our SIGISAFE system we ensure that the production here takes place in a fair and safe environment.

If you want to learn more about how we manufacture specific products, then write to us. Be sure to send the item and batch number:

sigikid – Production Tracking
Am Wolfsgarten 8
95511 Mistelbach

We are the future

Our vision: Making children and parents around the world happy

We are a growing company with innovative ideas. We want our products to make even more children and parents happy in the future.


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