Stuffed animals

No adventure and discovery tour is complete without a friend,
a cuddly companion that will stay with children through thick and thin. He is always there to listen and will quickly comfort any sorrow away.

Stuffed animals are important companions, soulmates and playmates through childhood – often even into adulthood. It is no wonder that cuddly toys like Gildehard Günsburg or Fuffi Wuff have long since become classics in the sigikid cuddly toy collection. We always focus on popular children’s characters and showcase them sometimes in classic soft cuddly plush, sometimes in a varied colourful mix of materials. But one thing all Sweetys have in common:
they are incomparably soft and absolutely adorable.


Cuddly soft friends

A Sweety is rarely alone.
With these loving characters with funny names, cuddling is twice as nice.
And there is certainly much more to experience and discover in pairs.

Patchwork Sweety

Colourful cuddly world

Cuddly as usual, but with a unique mix of materials as a hallmark,
these sweet companions will very quickly snuggle their way into the
hearts of small and large cuddle fans.

Patchwork Sweety XXL

Large cuddly animals

A true friend to lean against. If a small cuddly toy isn’t enough for you,
the colourful patchwork cuddly world of sigikid has some veeeery large XXL sized cuddly animals on offer.


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