Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals

Not without my stuffed animal! Stuffed animals are beloved companions throughout childhood – reliable playmates, loyal companions, a shoulder to cry on when in need and patient listeners.

Whether dog or bunny, Fuffi Wuff or Gildehard Günsburg – at sigikid every child will find a loving friend who will remain true through thick and thin.



Fuffi Wuff the dog, Huberto Hummeltal the cuddly bunny and Gildehard Günsburg the plush bear. They are our cuddly classics and they have made children happy for many years.

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Comical & colourful

As cuddly as always, but in a unique design, we are proud to present this generation of Patchwork Sweetys – a cuddly animal collection with lovely details from knit sweaters to crochet scarves.

Soft & snugly

Cuddly companions who are up for anything! Their big, affectionate eyes and extra soft plush fur make these pals perfect for playing and cuddling. So they’re sure to take children’s hearts by storm.

Mountain Beasts

Way-out & cuddly

A great collection inspired by the film “Heidi”. The cuddly family includes a marmot, billy goat, bear and cow made from unique materials to form one quirky quartet.


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