The sigikid brand

The sigikid brand

Children are our future. Ensuring that they grow to become mature personalities and happy, satisfied adults concerns not only parents but us all. At sigikid we also see this challenge as a basis for our work.

For over 47 years we have developed, tested, produced and sold our products with passion. At sigikid we believe in the love that we put into our products. We feel that children have a right to good design and that even the smallest details count. All of this is what differentiates us from many other brands. sigikid products are exceptional; they are designed for the most important people in the world: our children.

“There is nothing more wonderful and inexplicable, and nothing that becomes stranger to us and more thoroughly lost than than the soul of a child at play.”
Hermann Hesse

Our quality

It is very important to us that our products not only meet all of the safety requirements at the time of purchase, but also that every single one of our products remains a safe and cherished object for the child for a long time, even if used intensively. We ensure this by keeping the following five promises of quality:

Highest safety in terms of material and craftsmanship

All of our products are inspected multiple times before they are sold and are continuously tested by independent labs to ensure they meet not only the highest international standards but also our own exacting quality benchmarks.

Easy care

Almost all of our textile products can be machine washed at 30 to 40° and many may also be placed in the dryer. We take special care to ensure that our products retain their shape, colour and unique features even after frequent washing.

Exceptional product durability

We use select, robust materials, e.g. thicker cotton fabric, and process them using high-quality methods, such as longer seam allowances or double-stitched seams.

Versatility and fun factor

We test our products to ensure they offer long-lasting fun, enhance well-being and stand up to everyday use. This is also a mark of sigikid quality!


sigikid products are anything but disposable. They are often handed down from one generation to the next. We use the most resource-saving means of production available and do not use materials that harm the environment. We avoid oversized packaging with harmful materials. All of our packaging materials are recyclable.

And because we keep our quality promise, we also offer a

“childhood-long warranty”

on all of our products of seven years – the time during which we accompany a child from infancy to school age.

Our mission

At sigikid we have a clear mission: We want to make the world a happier, cuddlier place!

We want to contribute to this by imparting positive values on children to prepare them for the challenges of the future. To achieve this we must have a clear set of values. For this reason, we have defined six core values that we want our products to convey.

1. Be yourself!

2. Discover your imagination!

3. Cuddle!

4. Be inspired!

5. Be curious!

6. Be active!

Our safety

Our products are designed to meet the highest safety standards. We give our products the SIGISAFE emblem to show that these standards have been met. Only products that have passed these tests and requirements receive this emblem.

We use the following set of tools to test and certify our products:
– sigikid standards
– Statutory requirements such as EN  71 or ASTM
– Test groups in kindergartens
– Fun factor analysis (“spiel gut”, TÜV, LGA)

One of the most important aspects in the safety of children’s products is the choice of materials used to make them. You can’t determine what materials a product is made of just by looking at it, so we always examine our products in detail to ensure these standards are complied with.

Our products are based on the following standards and regulations:
EN 71, CE (incl. REACH regulation)
ASTM, incl. the revision
Lebensmittelgesetz (Food Law – LFGB)
Öko-Tex 100
– No fumigation of containers

Our design

Our design concept is:

Child friendly

Our design concept does not attempt to make children into little adults. Instead, it looks at the world through a child’s eyes and incorporates this insight into all of our products. Even in the earliest stages of childhood, kids have a clear appreciation for design. We believe: Children have a right to good design!


sigikid products are not designed by a computer, but by people with hearts and hands. Our team of designers translates ideas drawn from experience and observation into lovingly designed products.


Our designs are new and fresh. We are not in the business of making copies. We create innovations in shapes, features and colours. We have our own textile printing development department and manufacture all of our initial samples in house.


Imagination is the engine that powers our products. We do not incorporate electronics into our products on principle. Our products are powered solely by imagination – without the need for off-switches or batteries.


Our designs are made to bring a smile to children’s and parents’ faces – thanks to the familiar sigikid look of our stuffed animals, comical appliqués and colourful prints on our children’s fashion.


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